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We offer you a huge warm welcome and a big hug simply for making the effort and connecting with the exciting CJ Dream Life Style Team.

The CJ Web Portal is dedicated to delivering life changing resources, people and keeping you motivated, inspired and connected to all the good things that life has to offer online and offline.

Clayton Johnston is Based in Perth, Western Australia with a Passion and Drive for bringing people together and connecting great minds and genuine hearts from around the World.

CJ has been networking for over 15 years with some of the Worlds most astute Internet Marketers, Business Mentors and Spiritual Entrepreneurs.

Clayton makes it his business to keep up to date daily with the latest trends, ongoing changes and cutting edge marketing systems online and offline.

It is with great honour that we are able to open a portal for all of your Problems, Fears and Blockages. We provide Innovative Solutions and Heart Centred Brain Storming Power Sessions that can really change the colour of your day.

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You will notice that even though this is the Private Website of Clayton Johnston we always use the word “we” rather than “I”

The simple fact of the matter is that we both know that there is no “I” in the word TEAM

With 15 years experience in Business Management and Internet Marketing Systems, Clayton knows full well that without your team you are a simply a fish out of water.

So everything we share with you is based on the TEAM concept and to really achieve success and prosperity, a TEAM mentality is required at all stages.

The EGO will need to take a back seat when dealing with Clayton or his team, as time is the most valuable of all assets we have on this Beautiful Home planet we call Earth.

If you want to talk Business, Internet or Spiritually with Clayton from a Position of your EGO then you might want to stop the Bus now, hop off and choose yourself another mentor or web community portal to get involved with.

The rules of engagement when dealing with the CJ team is that you must be Heart centred at all times. You must come from a position of love and compassion, rather than Greed and Ego.

This will ensure that you can achieve maximum growth in all areas of your life. This could be with Wealth, Health, Money, Relationships, Business, Spiritual or a myriad of other areas that are really important to you on your life Journey.

If you have read this far you may have worked out by now that Clayton is not someone you can simply fit into a box or stereo type by using judgement.

In fact that will be the first step of your growth while dealing with the CJ Team. The only reason that you are not happy or you still haven’t achieved the prosperity or success you think you deserve is simply because you are still judging others.

Really how much more proof do you need to know that we are all connected and any judgement you pass onto another is simply you judging yourself. Now that’s scary isn’t it?

If you wanted to sum up the CJ community with one Key Word, that one word would be CONNECTION. Every single connection to you or to anyone else in the community is just as important as any other CONNECTION.

It does not matter what business you run, how you are viewed in the public eye, what your profession is or what Race or Skin Colour you have. Every person involved with the CJ community is viewed as a valuable and amazing individual.

Now it is time to take a Journey into the life changing world of the CJ Portal of communities.

We have a simple goal and that is to empower and inspire every single person who connects with the CJ community.

As a result you will see that we have a wide range of Projects and other portals to cover all aspects of living well and in harmony with Technology, Business, Spirit and the Environment.

Many of you have found your way here, because you either know Clayton Personally or were referred by a friend or the power of the Internet has given you the opportunity to be here today. Maybe you were looking to connect with the right people who could share some magic with you and help you to find what you are looking for.

CJ AboutSo let’s make it easy for you and introduce you to our wide range of projects that will help all of us grow exponentially, with a smile and in style.

If you came here looking for Business Help, Internet Help, Spiritual Help or a simple way to grow or even earn an extra income online then we suggest you begin your journey here.

We are always looking for quality Writers, Contributors and Experts to become valuable members of any of these communities, so feel free to connect with us and send us your details.

Choose your area of Growth and Adventure Today; we hope you enjoy our range of Resources, Products, Services and People…

Clayton Johnston
Personal Life Style Mentor and Spiritual Entrepreneur

You can view what others have to say about Clayton Johnston here:

Biz Growth Mentor
Business Growth Expertise and Web Development

Web Traffic Mentor
Web Traffic Expertise and Web Monetization

Pix Social Media Marketing
Done for your Social Media Marketing Solutions

Lead Generating Videos
Online Video Marketing and Creation for You

Pix Social Media
One Stop Social Media Marketing Systems

Team Outsourcing Philippines
Web & Internet Outsourcing Teams Available for Hire

Outsourcing Adventures Job Network
Web & Internet Job Network for the Philippines

Outsourcing Adventures Resource Network
One Stop Outsourcing Systems and Resources

Succeed at Marketing
One Stop Online & Offline Marketing Community

Soul Kissed Australia
Soul Growth & Living Well with Nature in the Community

Zen, Energy, Genius and Spiritual Entrepreneur Community

Drug Free Health Secrets Global
One Stop Global Alternative Health Community

Drug Free Health Secrets Australian Directory
One Stop Australian Alternative Health Community

Drug Free Health Secrets USA Directory
One Stop USA Alternative Health Community

Get Healthy Save A Life
Positively Changing Lives with a Smile

Scam Free Web
New Online Watch Dog for Internet Products, Tools and Services

Joint App Ventures
One Stop Application Development

Associate Affiliate
One Stop Affiliate Mentoring Systems and Community

As you can see we are dedicated to creating and leaving a legacy of Quality Web Portals, Connections, Tools, Resources and Services.

We are building an Inspirational Community with a complete range of Awesome and Unique People from all over Planet Earth.

The Key to Real Prosperity is about building things for the long term that can really make a difference to our children and their children. We like to envisage a bright and happy future for all of us on Earth and as a result we build communities that can continue to grow and evolve.

We are excited to have you share this amazing journey with us and equally look forward to being of service to you to help inspire and unearth your very own dreams and goals.

Energy and Choices are unlimited in the CJ Group of Communities.

We look forward to enhancing your creativity and flow in an energized environment.

We hope you have an extra ordinary day and look forward to connecting with you.

Warm Wishes – icon smile About

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“Many Minds Make Light Work“

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