Commitment and the Meaning of Life and Happiness

Posted on February 08, 2012 by TNM Article Team


Life and Happiness Commitment and the Meaning of Life and Happiness

Commitment is the key to so much.

You can’t lose weight if you don’t commit yourself to do so.

You will not develop a friendship if you refuse to invest time and effort into it on a regular basis.

A romance will fall short if it not committed to.

You won’t find the meaning of life, which is to be happy, unless you make a guarantee within yourself that you will search until you find what you are looking for.

The Universe is more than prepared to give you what you want, but you have to be the initiator. Absolute and perfect acceptance is waiting for you within the Universe. But the Universe is so benign that it waits for you to begin seeking.

Beginning is good. To continue in commitment is essential to finding anything.

At the beginning of the year, January, I heard a term that was new to me. I was at the gym for Tai Chi class and the parking lot was crowded with many vehicles. The others in the class remarked as to how full the lot was. They said to each other that there were a lot of resolutioners at the gym that night.

At first I couldn’t figure out what “resolutioners” meant. Just as I was asking someone the definition, it dawned on me – these are folks who made New Year’s resolutions to work out.

Implied was the idea that the parking lot would soon be less and less full as the resolutioners broke their resolutions.

The commitment was lacking.

So what do you need to commit to if you are to find some answers? To find the meaning of life and the happiness that comes with it, you need to commit to making and keeping a significant connection, or liaison, between yourself and The Source of All There Is.

This takes time and effort. There is no substitute.

The time commitment is virtually every day for ten to thirty minutes. Of course, you can start small – just ten minutes – and grow your time. You can also start small with the effort.

In a meditative state, start light by simply concentrating on your breathing. Listen to and be conscious of your in and out breaths.

Over time you will want to explore the many types of meditation available to you. Plus the many forms of meditation – to see which is the best for you. These can involve everything from trying to keep a yellow triangle on a white background in mind, to the standing meditation of Qigong.

When you liaise with The Source of All There Is on a regular and consistent footing, you then need to further that commitment by keeping at it for the rest of your life. Meditation is not something you achieve and then never need do again. To maintain the feeling of meaning and happiness, you need to keep at it.

This keeping-at-it will yield for you the meaning of your life. Happiness is the meaning of your life. You are wired to be happy. When you make connection with The Source you power up that circuit.

When you are in contact with The Source, you will discover that you are completely, totally, unconditionally accepted. These words cannot do this concept justice. In that acceptance you will be happy for there is no higher state of being that being completely accepted.

This acceptance is Love. Love that regards you as worthy no matter what. Happiness is personified in your life.

So, make a commitment. Keep a commitment. Starting right now. Commitment works in every area of life. When you do commit, you will find the answers you are searching for in every area of your life.

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