Lucid Dreaming Fun – 10 Exciting Things You Can Do in Your Dreams

Posted on May 26, 2011 by TNM Article Team


lucid dreaming Lucid Dreaming Fun   10 Exciting Things You Can Do in Your DreamsLucid dreaming has gained a lot of popularity for the simple reason that one can do scores of interesting things in lucid dreams…things that you cannot do during waking hours. Your lucid dreaming activities, however, depends on your creativity, power of imagination, your expertise as a lucid dreamer, and your priorities.

The following is a list of exciting things you can do while lucid dreaming. They are classified into three categories, suitable for beginners, intermediates, and experts, respectively

A. For Beginners

You have learned how to have lucid dreams; but you haven’t gained enough control. You can only do simple things in lucid dreams, such as the following:

1. Walk through solids

Are you still not sure whether you are dreaming or having a real life experience? Try walking through the wall. Rush headlong into the wall and check if you can come out at the other side. If you do, you are really dreaming. Though fun, this activity requires a certain degree of self-confidence on your part.

2. Paint in the sky

You can paint that gorgeous sunset you viewed the other day or any other design or pattern you please.

3. Fly

Who doesn’t love flying? Many people naturally fly in their dreams. In lucid dreams, you can experiment with various styles of flying such as airplane style, where your arms are outstretched and Superman style, where one arm is stretched behind your body and the other is in front of you. When you have had enough of flying, you can swim in the air making use of either the breast stroke or the dog paddle techniques.

4. Explore

You may explore unknown realms; however, you might get so engrossed in your findings that you might forget that you are dreaming. In other words, the lucidity of the dream will be lost. If you wish to explore, do so with a dream companion, who will remind you every now and then that you are dreaming.

B. For Intermediates

Once you gained better control over your lucid dreams, you could try these slightly difficult activities.

5. Eat

Eat whatever you want to eat. However, you can easily get distracted and lose the lucidity of the dream because of the mouthwatering taste, smell, and sight of all that food.

6. Meet your spirit guides

Are you in need of guidance? Does a problem or life situation bother you? Then you need to meet your spirit guides. These guides usually appear as animals, and once they appear, they impart a lot of wisdom.

7. Have a date with an exciting person

Do you have a crush on someone? Does the prospect of meeting a celebrity or a world famous spiritual leader, scientist, artist, or writer excite you? You can easily fix a date in your dreams and have an exciting time indeed.

C. For Experts

These activities are for the expert lucid dreamer who has gained complete control over his or her dreams.

8. Have sex

You can easily satisfy your sexual fantasies in your dreams, and it feels like a real life experience. But take care to see that you don’t get too excited and lose the lucidity of the dream.

9. Die

Want to know what happens after death? You can easily die in your dreams and find out.

10. Gain inspiration

Do you need inspiration for a poem, article, business idea, or a piece of music? The power of the subconscious is yours to tap into during your lucid dreams. Ask for inspiration, and fresh ideas will flash into your conscious during your waking hours.

And this is not all! You can do ANYTHING in lucid dreams. What you do depends on what you want to do and how creative you are. Create any situation you like, do whatever you like, and have fun lucid dreaming.

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