The Law of Attraction and Taking Action

Posted on May 08, 2012 by TNM Article Team


take action 300x280 The Law of Attraction and Taking ActionThe Law of Attraction is more than wishful, positive thinking. Let me repeat myself – The Law of Attraction is more than wishful, positive thinking. Why is this important you may be wondering. Well if you are one of the people that think and believe that all you have to do is simply say ” I am using the Law of Attraction” and that is all you need to do to put the power at work, I hate to tell you that you have been misinformed.

Yes like attracts like. However you are the physical being that needs to put all of the scenarios into place so that what you like and desire is known. In a nutshell you need to take action in order to realize your dreams.

Yes desire statements are good because they create the environment where now you are clear as to what you really want. And vision boards can be a very useful tool, that is if you use them as a focus tool to continually remind you of all of the things that you are striving to achieve. But those two things are not enough.

You can not sit back and wait for the Universe to go to work on your behalf and then equally expect to reap the benefits when you have not done anything to help yourself other than think positive thoughts and do some wishful thinking, create a vision board and so forth.

If you are at a point where you claim to be using the Law of Attraction, but have not had any real results then ask yourself what have you done to help yourself. What actions have you taken on your behalf? When you construct your desire statements, the next thing that you should do is to create an action plan. Your action plan should entail at least three things that you can do at that time to put the powers of manifesting into place. If you do not create a plan, you are simply wasting your time with the Law of Attraction or any other Universal Law. You must be willing to help yourself. Do something.

Deneen Blocker is a Master Law of Attraction Coach, Metaphysician and Spiritual Life Coach. Her company Illuminate Success Coach (ISC) focuses on teaching their prospective students how to ” Aim High” to achieve their wildest dreams. Illuminate Success Coach offers free Law of Attraction webinars and teleclasses focused on life, success and spiritual growth. Visit

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By Deneen Blocker


Posted by TNM Article Team

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