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Posted on May 23, 2011 by TNM Article Team


world helpinghand Make the World a Better Place   Use Earth For EnergyThe modern era is an electricity-based generation. Every institution and people on earth relies on electric generation to accomplish a number of tasks. Roads are lightened by posts and traffic lights that signal the passengers, travelers and drivers of when to stop and cross the lanes. Buildings run thousands of computers and fax machines for convenient networking and marketing across the globe. Government offices utilize cameras, projectors, stage equipped with speakers and amplifiers to deliver public messages. Schools use computers and laboratory equipments to present lessons in a more effective detail. And households run cooking equipments, air warmers and coolers, television sets and audio devices that fit for a relaxing and convenient living.

Just imagine how much energy is dissipated when all of these institutions use electricity at the same time. Yes, it is the electric companies’ advantages as they acquire hundreds of dollars for providing electric gauges. However, most of the time, the fall back is on the consumers vis-à-vis the environment. Consumers pay high electric bills each month. Hence, nature pays for the adverse effects of electric generation, making Mother Earth suffer the cruel effects of global warming.

In this context, a number of alternative sources have been developed since then, if not to eliminate but at least to reduce earth’s global heating. One of which is the earth 4 energy website. This is a site which helps relieve and counteract the phenomenon by offering renewable solutions to make solar power usable by taking advantage of sunny days and likewise, to make a windmill and generate energy from the wind instead.

There are cheap, easy and quick guidelines at the earth for energy manuals located at the earth 4 energy site upon building ownable generators like windmills and solar panels. It is highly recommended to invest on such by using one’s own skills and creativity rather than having those built by service agents. You can make a windmill and make solar power by using only 200$ from your pockets, compared to spending a range of 1000-3000 $ when you hire professionals to build it for you. This may strip off all your savings, which is not very favorable. In fact, the earth for energy manual is designed for inexperienced users to build and develop a professional renewable system that harness natural energy. In just a matter of days you have a complete and fully functional windmill and solar generators that are sure to surprise your every inch of use.

Surprises often come in bundles. When your monthly electric bill statements arrive, about 80% of your previous consumption is slashed off. Eventually, you can put more savings and buy more important things in the future. Many have also testified to zero electric consumption. In fact, more energy is being produced than used from line sources especially during sunny and windy days. This is tantamount to paying almost nothing. In long run, you help preserve the environment from global warming. Instead of using the non-renewable resources that generate toxic greenhouse gases, you maximize renewable resources which help shape a better world, making it a better place to live in.

Ben Whitman is an environmentalist who STRONGLY recommends the Earth 4 Energy [] guide if you want to totally eliminate your power bill, once and for all. Find out how to use solar and wind power to save thousands of dollars a year. Check it out now Click Here To Find Out More About The Earth 4 Energy Guide [] .

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